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Metro Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney

John L. Hicks & Associates

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Detroit MI

Over 20 Years Experience, Plus The Best Service & Fair Rates.

“I don’t know how many people have told me that they can finally get a good nights rest after just a 5 minute phone call. I’ve seen credit scores increase 100-150 points just 12 months after filing. What sets me apart from other Bankruptcy Attorneys is that I take your call, answer all your questions & personally handle your case from start to finish.
Save Your Home and Get Help for Foreclosure in Metro Detroit

Bankruptcy Help for Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Attorney John Hicks knows how to make the system work for you, providing effective foreclosure help.

Stop Car Repossession in Metro Detroit

Bankruptcy Help For Car Repossession

Filing for bankruptcy will stop car repossession,and help gain time to make other arrangements.

Get Help For Creditor Harassment in Metro Detroit

Bankruptcy Help For Creditor Harassment

Filing for bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on all contact between your creditors and you.

Bankruptcy Help For IRS Debt

Help for IRS Debt

Bankruptcy can provide relief from IRS debt and the tax man. The automatic stay in bankruptcy stops even collection actions by taxing authorities, including garnishment and seizure.

Help With Mortgage Loan Modifications in Metro Detroit

Mortgage Loan Modifications

A loan modification adjusts the terms of a home loan to make payments more affordable for homeowners. Mortgage companies may agree to extend your loan to allow you to become current, in the best cases, reduce the interest rate and monthly payment amount.

Hire an experienced Metro Detroit bankruptcy attorney.

We understand that hiring an attorney is a serious matter and that you may have important questions. We also know that your time is valuable so we have provided answers to a number of commonly asked bankruptcy questions.

Call (248) 542-1500 today and speak directly to Metro Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney John Hicks to get fast answers to your questions.

Remember, every case is different and it is important that an experienced legal professional evaluate your situation and advise you on your best course of action.

A Few Client Reviews

Attorney Hicks did an amazing job filing my chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was quick, efficient and affordable. I will always recommend him to anyone in need of bankruptcy needs.
J Worsham
Detroit Bankruptcy Client
Definitely A Excellent Attorney! I Would Highly Recommend Him For Bankruptcy I Was Satisfied With The Service He Provided Me
S Strickland
Detroit Bankruptcy Client
Fast and easy. He calls multiple times to discuss everything with you and answers any questions you may have. I highly recommend!
J. O'Dell
Detroit Bankruptcy Client

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