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Fast & Affordable Bankruptcy Help in Metro Detroit

John L Hicks Attorney for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 in Metro Detroit

Get Help From An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Metro Detroit

We understand that hiring an attorney is a serious matter and that you may have important questions. We also know that your time is valuable so we have provided answers to a number of commonly asked bankruptcy questions.

Call (248) 542-1500 today and speak directly to Metro Detroit Bankruptcy Attorney John Hicks to get fast answers to your questions.

Remember, every case is different and it is important that an experienced legal professional evaluate your situation and advise you on your best course of action.

Many Benefits Of Bankruptcy Include:

Don’t Delay – In most cases, we can file your case almost immediately and get you on the road to a better financial future.

Stops Creditor Harrassment

If creditors are bothering you at work, harassing your family, friends and neighbors, or calling at all hours, call us. John will keep the creditors off your back, and you can stop paying your creditors immediately.

Stops Foreclosure

Bankruptcy can bring foreclosure proceedings to a halt, end harassment from bill collectors, and give borrowers time to make up missed payments and reorganize their finances.

Stops Repossesion

Filing for bankruptcy will stop car repossession, buying you time to find alternate transportation or negotiate a payment arrangement. If your delinquency is recent, John may be able to negotiate a loan modification.

Stops Garnishments

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most effective ways to stop garnishments. Call John to file today and you will be able to use your income for more important necessities in life and start saving for your future immediately.

Rebuild Your Credit

The ability to reestablish your credit after bankruptcy is better than it has ever been before. Bankruptcy remains on your credit report for up to 10 years, but you can start reestablishing your credit immediately after discharge.

Help for IRS Debt

Bankruptcy can provide relief from IRS debt and the tax man. The automatic stay in bankruptcy stops even collection actions by taxing authorities, including garnishment and seizure.

Bankruptcy detroit creditors

"I tried to get by mortgage modified by Bank of America for two years. John got me an approval for a modification to bring me current and lower my interest and mortgage payment in 2 weeks!"

S. Anderson – client of John L. Hicks & Associates

Top Bankruptcy Lawyer in Detroit Michigan

More than 27 Years of Bankruptcy Law Experience

John L. Hicks & Associates has provided high-quality bankruptcy legal representation to residents of Southeastern Michigan since 1998.

Bankruptcy lawyer John Hicks has helped hundreds of people get fast, effective debt relief. Reach out today and start building a better tomorrow today!

Best Service At Affordable Rates

Our mission is to provide each of our clients with personal attention and clear answers to all bankruptcy questions and concerns. In addition to our commitment to beat your best Chapter 7 quote by $100 – we also may offer a payment plan tailored to your financial situation.
Local Bankruptcy Lawyer in Detroit Michigan
Chapter 7 Lawyer in Detroit Michigan

Don't Delay!

Contact John today through our web form or call the office at (248) 542-1500 to schedule your free consultation. In most cases, we can file your case almost immediately and get you on the road to a better financial future – fast.

A Few Client Reviews

Attorney Hicks did an amazing job filing my chapter 7 bankruptcy. He was quick, efficient and affordable. I will always recommend him to anyone in need of bankruptcy needs.
J Worsham
Detroit Bankruptcy Client
Definitely A Excellent Attorney! I Would Highly Recommend Him For Bankruptcy I Was Satisfied With The Service He Provided Me
S Strickland
Detroit Bankruptcy Client
Fast and easy. He calls multiple times to discuss everything with you and answers any questions you may have. I highly recommend!
J. O'Dell
Detroit Bankruptcy Client

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